Highlights of Children's Educational Services, Inc (CES)

Children's Educational Services, Inc was preconceived by its sister company, Rehabilitation Specialists, PLLC, established in 2000. Rehabilitation Specialists, an out-patient Physical Therapy clinic, is currently located in Jamestown, NY. Rehabilitation Specialists, was the foundation of home and community based services (OT, PT, Speech therapy) provided to the pediatric population.

Children's Educational Services, Inc. was established in 2004, which allowed the agency to expand the population serviced to range from pediatrics to adults, and to expand the services offered to include Speech, Occupational, Physical therapy services and Special education teaching.

Currently, CES services over 100 children in the Early Intervention and Preschool programs. Among these children are students who participate in our integrated preschool program, Little Seeds Preschool.

In 2006, Little Seeds Preschool (LSP) was approved by NYS Educational department (NYSED) and NYS Office of Children and Family Services (NYSOCFS). Currently, LSP is in its 14th school year, with four integrated preschool classrooms located in Jamestown, NY.