Specialized Care


• Whiplash,
• Disc derangement "bulge"
• Spinal fusions 
• Arthritis
• Facet syndrome

• Rotator cuff strain/repairs
• Frozen shoulders (adhesive capsulitis)
• Tendonitis

• Lateral/medial epicondylitis (tennis elbow)

• Total hip replacements 
• Fractures
• Piriformis syndrome 
• Bursitis

• Total knee replacements
• Sports injuries
• Patellofemoral pain
• Surgical repairs

• Sprains
• Fractures
• Surgical repairs
• Plantar fasciitis

Work Hardening
• Rehabilitation for work related injuries
• Incorporating job specific work simulations

Rehabilitation Specialists
Providing quality physical therapy services

Outpatient Physical Therapy
Rehabilitation Specialists is located in Jamestown, NY on Fairmount Avenue. We employ a variety of experienced clinical specialists to evaluate, diagnose, and treat physical dysfunctions with the goal of improving quality of life.

Physical Therapy
Our Physical Therapists are highly trained experts that are skilled in the art and science of assessing orthopedic (muscle & bones) conditions, neurologic (nerves & brain) conditions, and other physical problems requiring general rehabilitation.

• Therapeutic Exercises
• Professional Staff
• State Of The Art Equipment
• Electrotherapeutic Modalities
• Physical Agents
• Assistive Devices
• Manual Therapy Techniques
• Functional Training
• Kinesio Taping
• Personalized Individual Care
• Quality Service