Industrial Management Solutions
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Industrial Rehabilitation:
Our onsite industrial rehabilitation provides athletic training, physical therapy, evaluation, treatment, conditioning, and work hardening.

Athletic Training:
Our experienced athletic trainers specialize in rapid assessment and recognition of injury. Employees initiate the rehabilitation or conditioning process early, decreasing lost work time and maintaining safe productivity.

IMS provides onsite workstation evaluations of office, commercial and industrial work. Ergonomic analysis & intervention can reduce OSHA-recordable injuries, improve employee performance, and alleviate Cumulative Trauma Disorders.

Work Hardening:
We offer customized rehabilitation programs that intermix rehabilitation and hands-on job performance. Either individually or in groups, our programs include gradual, controlled practice of routine job functions. This is combined with generalized cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. This helps employees succeed when returning to work after an injury.

Return to work screens:
After rehabilitation or work hardening, a job specific screen can assist in determining if an employee can return to work safely. Screening assists in concluding whether the employee can return to work which job demands may or may not match. Overall fitness can be observed and compared to previous levels (if known).

Pre-Employment Physical Screening:
Pre-employment physical screens are job-specific. They simulate real work tasks, are unbiased, and may identify pre-existing injuries. They observe new hire’s ability to perform essential job tasks. All pre-employment physical screens are ADA-compliant.

Physical Therapy:
Our physical therapists are experienced in evaluation and treatment of work-related injuries and conditions. With enhanced knowledge of the spine, extremities and nervous system, accurate diagnosis and treatment begin early.

Fitness Center:
Our onsite facility provides cardiovascular training, strength training, certified personal trainers, group classes, and individual programs.

Statistical Analysis:
IMS offers data collection, analysis, and evaluation. Information from individual injuries or individual workers is utilized in conjunction with other data to provide insight and understanding of larger trends. This can assist in decision-making with regard to capital investments and workforce development.